BSC Special
BSC Special Luxury is an exquisite emulsion paint that provides a luxurious finish and a silky glowing appearance to your walls. 
Satty Premium Emulsion provides a rich, soft and smooth finish to interior walls due to its super-acrylic quality.
Metallic Pearl
BSC Metallic is a Luxurious Premium Metallic Emulsion paint for interiors.
It is washable and most stains can be removed easily by sponging with a mild soap solution.
Eagle Interior Emulsion is a water thinnable wall coating which gives good performance.
Non Metallic
It is used for designing. It is kind of non-metallic. It acts as Pg05. You can directly put strainers in it, and use it for designing.
Interior Wall Emulsion: Premium paint for vibrant, smooth, and long-lasting walls with a luxurious finish.