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BSC Paints Glass Lacquer Paint’s offer an exceptional way to improve the look of glass surfaces. These paints, which are designed for excellent adhesion and durability, produce a smooth, glossy surface that gives glass objects a fresh coat of vibrant colour. The paints’ outstanding resistance to wear makes them appropriate for both useful and aesthetic uses and guarantees a long-lasting appealing appearance. BSC Paints Glass Lacquer Paint’s revolutionary method smoothly combines beauty and safety, enhancing glassware, vases, and decoration with ease.

Glass Lacquer Paints By BSC Paints


Welcome to BSC Paints, your trusted supplier of high-quality glass lacquer paints. We take great pride in offering our customers a wide range of Glass Paint’s that are perfect for creating stunning designs on glass surfaces. BSC Paints is one of the Best Paints Companies in India, providing customer support and the best quality to our customers. Our Glass Lacquer Paints are ideal for residential and commercial applications and are designed to deliver exceptional results every time.

Mostly lacquered glass is recommended for coating on glass substrate for application on perfume bottles and many other glass articles. It can also be used directly for some special plated substrates.

What Is Glass Lacquer Paint?

A sort of paint designed specifically to adhere to glass surfaces is called glass lacquer paint. It is frequently used to decorate glass objects like vases, tabletops, kitchen closets, and more by adding colour or beautiful patterns. It has a resin with a solvent basis that dries to a strong, clear covering. On the transparent and colourful glass, this coating can be applied, and it is scratch-, UV-, and water-resistant.

How To Apply Glass Lacquer Paint?

Step 1: To apply glass lacquer paint, thoroughly clean and dry the glass surface to remove any dirt, oil, or fingerprints. The paint can be applied through a roller or spray gun, depending on the desired finish and application method.

Step 2: After applying the paint, it is important to let it dry completely before handling the glass object. Once the paint has dried, it can be baked in an oven at a low temperature for 5–10 minutes to further enhance its durability and scratch resistance.

Types Of Glass Lacquer Paint

The product range offered by BSC Paints includes:

    1. Opaque Colours: Our glass lacquer paints come in a variety of opaque colours, allowing you to create vibrant and eye-catching designs on glass surfaces.

    1. Transparent dye colours: If you prefer a more translucent look, our transparent dye colours are perfect for achieving a subtle and elegant finish on glass.

    1. Metallic finishes: Add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your glass projects with our range of metallic finishes.

    1. Crackle Effects: Create a unique cracked or antique look with our crackle effect glass lacquer paints.

    1. Frosting Effects: Achieve a frosted appearance on glass surfaces with our specialized frosting effect paints.

    1. Clear Coat: For a glossy and protective finish, our clear-coat glass lacquer paint is an excellent choice.

About Us

At BSC Paints, we understand that glass painting requires a special set of skills and materials. That’s why we use only the finest quality raw materials to create our glass lacquer paints. Our glass paints are designed to adhere to glass surfaces and provide long-lasting durability and protection. We offer a range of finishes, colours, and textures to help you achieve the desired look and feel for your glass surfaces. Our experts will work with you to create a customized paint solution that meets your requirements and delivers exceptional results.

In addition to being a reliable supplier of glass paints, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and being an environmentally responsible paint company. Our glass lacquer paints are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means they are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

If you are looking for high-quality Glass Lacquer Paints that deliver exceptional results, look no further than BSC Paints. Contact us today to learn more about our glass paints and other paint products.

Can Lacquer Be Used On Glass?

Yes, lacquer can be used on glass. However, not every paint is suitable for glass. One of the recommended options is BSC Glass lacquer paints, also known as back-painted glass or decorative Glass.

What Is Lacquered Glass?

Lacquered glass is back-painted glass, where lacquer paint is applied on one side of transparent glass. It provides coloured glass that can be used in various applications such as tabletops, kitchen walls, almirahs, offices, and more.

How Do You Apply Lacquer To Glass?

BSC Paints’ glass lacquer paint is ideal for glass applications. Take PU Thinner and open the lacquer paint box. The paint and hardener should be mixed in a 4:1 ratio, with 800 ml of paint and 200 ml of hardener. Add 20-25% PU thinner. Then, filter the paint with a filter cloth. Make sure that the substrate is free from dust. Now, directly apply the paint through a spray gun on a glass substrate. Then, wait for 24 hours for the final product.

Is Clear Lacquer Waterproof?

No, clear lacquer is not waterproof. It is Water-Resistant as it can provide some level of protection against water. For waterproof grade, we can use marine-based epoxy.

Is Lacquered Glass Costly?

No, it is not that costly as its price range is from 250-600/square feet.

How Strong Is Glass Lacquer Paint?

Glass lacquer paint is highly durable paint. It has a good bond with the glass. It is also used in many places. So, it is good to use. It has an approximate life of 5 years.

Which Paint Is Best For Glass?

For Designer glass, PU paints are best for glass. You can also use BSC Paints Glass Lacquer Paint for lacquered glass, as it is polyurethane-based and sticks well to glass.

Does Lacquer Scratch Easily?

No, it does not scratch easily as it has 2 kg of scratch hardness, and it also depends on the quality of the paint you use. We prefer you to use BSC Paints Glass Paint.

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