about us

About us

BSC Paints, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a foremost name among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Decorative, Texture paints and its allied products. The company is managed by technocrats and professionals, engaged in manufacturing, trading, importing, and exports of building materials.

BSC Paints has been relishing the dreams of house owners, architects, and builders breathtakingly extensive range of paints, colors, textures, and finishes with special effects. We have created countless moods and styles for homes in various sizes and designs giving each its distinct look and feel, reflecting the house owner’s unique personality and individuality.

About Us - Welcome to BSC Paints

Since its inception in 2009, BSC Paints has forged an enviable reputation of excellence and quality in manufacturing products designed to meet the demanding standards of architectural and building industry professionals. Today, that reputation is the cornerstone of the company’s continued success. Maintaining a heritage of commitment to quality and endless innovation, the company has seen soaring new heights of success, with an exclusive range of European and Japanese, Textured and decorative paints.

The key to BSC Paints’ reputation is its solid commitment to excellence and quality, monitored through controlled testing in the laboratory and in the field. BSC Paints not only provides extensive architectural services and colors but also the quality products required for the optimum finish. All products are backed by a technical team committed to maintaining product quality and constantly researching new or improved technologies to enhance product performance, application, and safety.