RYCCA- Italian PU wood finishes

RYCCA provides high-quality Italian PU wood finishes that improve the look and protection of wood. They provide a long-lasting, stylish, and ecologically responsible option for furniture, floors, and other items because to their numerous sheen levels, simple application, and eco-friendliness.

The adaptability of RYCCA’s Italian PU wood treatments is one of its best qualities. Since they may be used on a variety of wood species, including both hardwoods and softwoods, the inherent beauty of the wood grain is enhanced. Depending on your aesthetic choices, you may select a glossy, satin, or matte finish from a range of sheen levels for the finishes.

Italian PU Wood Finishes

The key characteristics that distinguish Italian PU wood finishes include:

  1. Protection- PU wood coatings offer a strong defense against normal wear and tear.
  2. Aesthetics: Italian PU wood treatments are excellent in bringing out the natural beauty of wood.
  3. Durability: PU wood finishes provide a robust, long-lasting coating that endures the test of time because of its chemical composition and curing procedure.
  4. Versatility: A variety of timber substrates may be covered with PU wood treatments, which are adaptable.
  5. Environmental Considerations: By reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other hazardous pollutants, our Italian PU wood finishes meet eco-friendly regulations.

Additional information

In the field of Italian PU wood finishes, RYCCA is at the pinnacle of quality. These innovative and precisely made finishes elevate hardwood surfaces to the level of compelling works of art, transcending the commonplace. They do more than simply cover the wood; they give it enduring elegance and strengthened protection, guaranteeing that each piece becomes a monument to both beauty and toughness.

The commitment to conserving and improving the inherent charm of wood is at the heart of RYCCA’s product offerings. Their Italian PU wood treatments work as a transforming agent, enhancing the grain and character of the wood while protecting it from the rigors of daily living. A durable layer prevents dings, stains, and the deteriorating effects of time, enabling the wood’s real character to emerge unaltered.

RYCCA offers a variety of wood finishes, each appealing to different aesthetic sensibilities, in recognition of the diversity of tastes. Every option invites self-expression, whether it’s the gleaming lustre of high gloss or the subtle elegance of matte. These coatings lend depth and character to each brushstroke, enhancing the individuality of the wood rather than just protecting it.

The Italian PU wood finishes made by RYCCA are renowned for their simplicity of use. The finishes give the process a feeling of fluidity, whether you’re an expert artisan or a DIY enthusiast. It becomes possible to achieve a professional-grade finish with a smooth application and quick drying periods. Effortlessly gliding onto surfaces, the finishes reduce the possibility of unattractive brush strokes or uneven coats. 

Finally, the Italian PU wood treatments by RYCCA embody a seamless fusion of artistic creativity, technical innovation, and ecological awareness. These finishes’ careful craftsmanship elevates them above mere function, becoming them vehicles for individual expression and keepers of wood’s enduring charm. The universe of RYCCA invites people to take part in a trip where the ordinary transforms into the exceptional and where the beauty of wood and contemporary creativity come together to create a more attractive and sustainable environment.



Can I apply a new finish over an existing one?

Yes, in most cases, you can apply a new finish over an old one after thorough sanding.

How do I fix blotchy stain application?

Applying a wood conditioner before staining can help prevent uneven absorption and blotchiness.

What’s the difference between oil-based and water-based finishes?

Oil-based finishes offer deeper color and slower drying times, while water-based finishes dry quickly and have lower odor.

Can I use the same finish for indoor and outdoor wood?

Outdoor wood requires finishes specifically designed to withstand varying weather conditions.

How can I restore the shine of a dull finish?

Gently buff the surface with a soft cloth and a furniture polish formulated for that particular finish type.

Should I finish the underside of furniture?

While not necessary, finishing the underside provides balanced protection against moisture changes.

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