Quick Overview:

BSC Pu-Gloss (polyurethane) is an acrylic based clear coating. It forms a tough, non-yellowing film that accentuates the natural beauty of your interior wooden furniture. We are the professional and experienced manufacturers,suppliers and service providers of world class Polyurethane paints. We are catering to some of the top notch Industries in India by doing customization of Paints they require. Our exclusive Polyurethane paints are available in different colors, ratio & chemical constitutions which address the specific needs of the clients.

Main features:

  • Superior gloss retention
  • Resists cracking
  • Has good scratch, stain and heat resistance.

Polyurethane coatings are particularly recommended for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and-tear, where excellent chemical/physical resistance is required. Polyurethane Paints are modern paints available today in comparison to NC (Nitro Cellulose) or Single component paints. Polyurethane paint forms a film after adding three component base, activator (hardener) & solvent thinner. Polyurethane paints after chemical curing forms a very strong film unlike a single component Paint that get dissolved by applying solvent to it.


It also offers good anti-fungal properties, and can be applied on all types of smooth plasters, false ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete etc.

BrandBSC Paint
Model NamePu-Gloss
Application MethodBrush, Roller
FunctionWaterproof, Moisture-Proof
LevelFinish Coat
Surface FinishingColor Printing
TypeApex, Samosam Paint
Also Available Size4L/500ml