Will the environment and those around us suffer as we profit ? Are our employees as BSC aware of their responsibility towards the environment? Are they committed towards conserving natural resources ?Image result for Corporate Social Responsibility

These are just some of the questions raised at BSC before any decision is taken. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we at BSC ensure that the stringent measures we take to reduce the adverse effects on the environment are taken very seriously. At BSC growing is about creating a greener future alongside. These measures include:

  • Reducing waste and conserving natural resources in manufacturing facilities
  • Installing energy efficient systems at all new plant facilities
  • Using renewable and sustainable raw materials in our formulations
  • Manufacturing products with the stringent VOC limits in mind along with other environmental guidelines
  • Ensuring every product is compliant to all global and industrial green certifications
  • All because we at BSC respect the needs and aspirations of all communities when our business operates. 

    The BSC Commitment

    As a part of the commitment towards the stakeholders and the society at large, BSC Paints is committed to discharge its responsibility for the cause of the society through a variety of philanthropic and benevolent activities benefiting the society. The company has donated medical equipments and has installed shallow pumps in villages and water coolers at various locations in the vicinity of its factories. Initiatives have been undertaken for a cleaner environment through involvement of agencies towards conservation of greenery, spreading the awareness of a greener planet amongst the people, recycling of waste paper and others. Donations have been given to the charitable institutions and social welfare organizations working for the cause of the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden.